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IiLM is the first & only institute dedicated towards developing healthcare leadership in Pakistan.

IiLM was founded by Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed, a visionary strategist, healthcare entrepreneur, physician leader, & a Coach. Dr. Zaki is a globally recognized expert in the areas of Digital Health, Patient Safety, Health research & Healthcare leadership. Dr. Zaki has helped hundreds of senior Physicians, CEOs, Medical Directors & healthcare professionals in their leadership journey. He is the 1st certified physician trainer of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” & “Unconscious Bias” in Pakistan & a member of the American Association for Physician Leadership. Dr. Zaki has developed training programs for senior physicians on Healthcare Leadership, Strategic Planning, Culture, Compassion, Change Management & Healthcare Communications and coaches healthcare leaders.

The mission of IiLM is to:

 “Enabling individuals and organizations to achieve excellence and develop a just culture effectively”

The main objectives of IiLM are to:

  1. To create a critical mass of change agents by developing the skills and knowledge of professionals.
  2. To improve the performance of organizations.
  3. To build a just culture by improving systems and behavior change in leaders.
  4. To conduct implementation research by gathering local and relevant data.

Expertise & Responsibilities

A strategist, healthcare entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach, mentor, and a visionary physician leader.

Healthcare Leadership

Founder and Coach at Institute of Innovation Leadership in Medicine, certified trainer of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Unconscious Bias, and member of American Association for Physician Leadership, Member – HIMSS Middle East, Member – Steering Committee – UKDHC, Chairman – International Conference on Digital Health (ICDH)


General Secretary of Health Research Advisory Board, Editor at BMJ Open Quality Riphah Pakistan, Member of Editorial at Telehealth and Medicine Today

Digital Health

Chief Executive Officer of Digital Care, adjunct professor of Digital Health at Health Services Academy, and Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Aman Ventures

Patient Safety and Quality

Director of RIPHAH Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Safety, president of Healthcare Quality and Safety Association of Pakistan, and chairman of International Conference on Patient Safety.

Dr Zakiuddin Ahmed



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Friends of IILM

Dr Paul
Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine, Clinician-Scientist.
Dr Seval
Professor of Public Health and Medicine & Chief Quality Officer, Baskent University Hospitals Network, Turkey.
Director,Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences & Informatics, University of Edinburgh
Chancellor Emeritus, University of North Carolina, USA
Dr Shahzad
Vice Chancellor, Health Services Academy
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-16 at 2.28.53 PM
Vice-Chancellor – Fatima Jinnah Medical University, President – CPSP
Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre at the Institute of Systems Science (ISS), National University of Singapore (NUS).
Dr Javed
Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences Lahore


Leadership 101

Designed to help healthcare professionals advance their leadership skills and build their capacity to lead a successful change.

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Help in identifying the right problem to solve, as well as how to build good decision-making techniques when it comes to solving them. In high-pressure situations, understanding risk also becomes an important aspect of the problem-solving process.

Communication Skills

Skilful communication enables healthcare providers to establish rapport with their patients, solicit crucial health information, and work effectively with all members of a care team and the public.

The 9Cs Healthcare Leadership Framework

Critical Thinking

The 9Cs of healthcare leadership includes, Character, Conviction, Compassion, Courage, Core, Creation, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration. This module covers all the major components which healthcare professionals should be well equipped with for an effective healthcare system.

Strategic Planning & Management

Strategic planning and management are about defining how you will implement your vision and maintain it. New perspectives on current issues and on those which may arise in the future. It also focuses on knowledge of relevant concepts and techniques in several key management disciplines.

Compassion, Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

Helps focusing on the individual and allowing them to learn more about and understand the importance of emotional intelligence. Stronger individuals yield a more robust whole team, which in turn creates a more solid operation  overall.

Unconscious Bias

This module will give awareness and strategies to correct unconscious biases in daily interactions to eliminate disparities in the workplace and enhance productivity.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Learn to initiate by taking effective decisions.

Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety

Discover the tools and knowledge needed to drive system-wide improvement for better healthcare quality with the prime objective of patient safety. It helps to identify barriers to change within complex healthcare systems from experts

Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills

This module will create a better understanding and expertise to manage and mentor diversity among healthcare professionals as team players and synergize to maximize the performance and outcomes of the organization.

Systems Thinking in Health Leadership

Systems thinking works to decode the complexity of a health system and then applies this understanding to design and evaluate interventions that maximize health and health equity. On the overall healthcare system level, systems thinking is often applied to reduce waiting in lines in hospitals, improve screening practices to diagnose diseases sooner, and access public health.

Digital Health & Innovation

This module will help healthcare leaders to foster innovation for patients’ benefit such as new technologies and models of healthcare. Participants will learn how to apply analytic tools to raw data to reveal powerful insights that can be applied to quality and safety practices and policies.

Culture & Change Management

The module will help healthcare professionals explore how the themes of leadership and culture are so closely related that they form organizational culture.


Physician Leadership Around the World

What does physician leadership look like around the world? What motivates physicians to step into leadership positions? What path do they take? We asked several American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) international members about their particular experiences and insights into healthcare and physician leadership. Read More


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